BT-403(Gas Detector)

BT-403(Gas Detector)
Model BT-403(Gas Detector)
Profile Detecting natural gas,LPG and LNG,etc.

Auto reset after alarm
MCU process
Sensor with high stability
Low power consumption
Auto check and indication for malfunction
Detecting natural gas,LPG and LNG
SMT adopted

Operating voltage: AC 220V
Standby current: less than 90mA or less than 30mA (low power consumption)
Alarm current: less than 100mA or less than 40mA (low power consumption)
Rated power: less than 3W (AC 220V)
Operating temp.: -10 to +50 degrees
Working humidity: less than 95%RH
Alarm mode: network output / sound & flash alarm / RF
Alarm volume: more than 85dB/m
Alarm density: 10%LEL
Alarm output: relay output (N.C.and N.O. optional) / RF signal
Transmitting Freq.: 315MHz or 433MHz(wireless type)
Sending distance: more than 200m( in the open area)
Dimension: 70L*40W*110Hmm

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