BT-203(Wireless PIR Detector)

BT-203(Wireless PIR Detector)
Model BT-203(Wireless PIR Detector)
Profile Low power indication,Detecting range adjustable,PT2262,EV1527,HCS301 option

Adopted SMT
High adaptability to the ambient, with dustproof, mothproof, moisture proof and high EMI immunity function
Wireless transmitting digital signal
Low power indication
ASIC adopted
Automatic temperature compensation
Low power consumption, long battery life

Operating voltage: 9V battery
Standby current: less than 35uA
Alarm current: less than 15mA
Operating temp. -10 to +50
Installation mode: wall mounted
Installation height: about 2m
Detecting distance: 12m
Detecting angle: 110 degrees
Transmitting freq.: 315MHz or 433MHz
Transmitting distance: minimum 200m (no any block)
Dimension: 107*59*45mm

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