BT-002(PSTN Alarm System)

BT-002(PSTN Alarm System)
Modelㄩ BT-002(PSTN Alarm System)
Profileㄩ 99 Wireless zones,Multi modes optional,Anti-decoding function

99 Wireless zones alarm system
Multi modes optional: close mode, quick mode, delay mode, emergency mode, intelligent mode, dual-tech mode and multi-tech mode.
Anti malice interference function: If the main host detects any wireless interference,the siren will sound;
Anti-decoding function: all the wireless remote controllers can not disarm the alarm host;
6 groups of telephone No. for alarm calling
Arm/disarm by remote control or call;Mute/sound alarm optional;
It has the priority to occupy the telephone line to dial out the alarming phone;10seconds record.
Can independently program the zone modes and zones' alert sound;
This system has telephone line anti-cut alarm function;

Power:DC 9V-12V , ≡500mA
Standby current :< 30mA
Alarming current :< 500mA
Radio Frequency: 315 MHz/433Mhz
Sensitivity: 5mV/m
Anti- interference: 1 V/m (frequency scope 20-1 KMHz)
Siren sound: 120dB
Working temperature: -10 ⊥‵+45 ⊥
Relative humidity: ≒ 90%

Basic component:
- Alarm system (control unit) 每 1 pc.
- Wireless PIR detector 每 1 pc.
- Wireless door (gap) sensor 每 1 pc.
- Remote controller每 2 pcs.
- Mini wired siren 110dB/0.3m 每 1 pc.
- Power adpater 每 1pc.
- User manual 每 1pc.

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