BT-108GSM(GSM+PSTN Alarm System)

BT-108GSM(GSM+PSTN Alarm System)
Modelㄩ BT-108GSM(GSM+PSTN Alarm System)
Profileㄩ Apply Style, Smart Design, GSM+PSTN Duel network, Touchpad,Multi-language Menu Optional
Quad Band(850,900,1800,1900MHz) Industrial Module
Touch keypad; LCD displays Date,Week, Time, and System Status 

Supported Languages: Chinese\ English\ German\ French\ and more custom language
2/4 Band GSM/PSTN dual net-work. Support phone call alarm and SMS alarm,automatically switch to GSM dailing when telephone line is cut.   
29 wireless zones (totally:116sensors) and 2 dedicated zones for remotes (Supports up to 8remotes). 
Can preset up to 5 phone numbers and dial in sequence.   
Intelligent logic analysis technology, corresponding zone number and sensor name can be displayed. 10 second record for the auto-dialer 
AC\DC with Low-voltage Indicators
Surpports 8 more wired zones(Optional). 
Support wireless "ding-dong" doorbell function (Optional) 
Support CID uploading to CMS(Center monitoring Station). 
Landline broken off alarm, auto priority to occupy the telephone and monitoring function to hear what is happening. 
Built-in Li-Ion backup battery, it will alert when low power or without external power supply. 
Store up to 100 alarm records and 100 arm\disarm records

Working voltage:100~240VAC,DC12V  1A
Operating power:DC12V  1A
GSM Frequency:900/1800MHZ, 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
Wireless Frequency:433MHZ
Static current:≒ 80mA
Alarm current:≒ 500mA
GSM transmission power:2W
Operating environment:Temperature: -10⊥-50⊥; Humidity:ˉ90%
Maximum available quantity of keychain remotes:8 PCS
Maximum available quantity of wireless sensors:112 PCS

Basic component:
- Alarm system (control unit) 每 1 pc.
- Wireless PIR detector 每 1 pc.
- Wireless door (gap) sensor 每 1 pc.
- Remote controller每 2 pcs.
- Antenna 每 1pc.
- Wireless Sound&flash 110dB/0.3m 每 1 pc.
- Power adpater 每 1pc.
- User manual 每 1pc.

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