BT-DSAC001(Garage Door Operator)

BT-DSAC001(Garage Door Operator)
Model£º BT-DSAC001(Garage Door Operator)
Profile£º This item not only comes with common photo electric obstacle protection, but also obstacle current-sense function, which has further increased the safety and reliability.

Simple operation
Photo electric protect
Obstacle protect
Soft start and stop
Rolling code remote
Lower standby power
24V AC asynchronous single phase motor
Supplies for sliding gate
Works with FSK remote, 433MHz or ASK remote, 868MHz
Obstacle sensitivity variable

Power Supply:220V AC-230V AC,50HZ
Motor:Asynchronous-single phase motor
Motor power:<=400W,please specify in need higher power
Limit Switch Type: Normal Close
Photo Electric Switch Type: Normal Close
Adjustable time range:0-60S
Automatic closing:5-80S
Caution light type:220V,<40W
Remote's Frequency:Customized,315,433 or 868MHz
Input Impedance:50¦¸

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