BT-304(Smoke+CO combined detector)

BT-304(Smoke+CO combined detector)
Model£º BT-304(Smoke+CO combined detector)
Profile£º Smoke + CO Combined Detector with Digital Level Show. Optical Smoke sensor/Electrochemical CO sensor
Test By Hand,Auto Reset
CO Digital Display Show:50 to 999PPM
Loud 85 Decible Alarm.
5-Year Limited Carbon Monoxide Sensor and 10-Year Limited Smoke Sensor.
Powered by 110V to 220V AC Power with 9V 6F22 Battery Back-up.
Different beeps pattern for CO alarm and Smoke alarm
Low voltage and malfunction alert
Stong adaptability for circumstance
SMT Design, High Stability
Low standby current
Dustproof, mothproof, anti-white light 

Power Supply: 110V to 220V AC Power with 9V 6F22 Battery Back-up
Sensor: Optical Smoke sensor/Electrochemical CO sensor
Sensitivity/Alarm Time:
      Smog: 1%~5%/FT OBS
      Within 60~90 minutes @ 50ppm CO concentration
      Within 10~40 minutes @ 100ppm CO concentration
      Within 3 minutes @ 300ppm CO concentration
Audibility: 85dB ( at 1m distance ), Frequency 3¡À0.5KHZ
Test Button:Right for Smoke, Left for CO
Led Indication /Sound Pattern
Standby: Green Led flashes once every 5 seconds
Alarm: 3 Beep Repeat for Carbon Monoxide Alarm/ 1 Beep Repeat for Smoke Alarm
Low-bat Indicator:Chirp every 60s as battery lower
Power consumption: 0.3mW
Operation ambient: 0 ~ 40, 20% ~ 90%RH
Mounting: Wall/Ceiling mounting
Dimension 115mm*43mm, Weight: 0.2kg
Comply With: CE, EN50291

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