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Editor£ºTech    Date£º2010-11-9

1).For security and alarm industry - We produce the Wireless GSM Alarm System to provide the remote alarm security solution in areas that do not have and people don't like cables or landline or public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines. This SMS alarm system is suitable to use for remote locations such as Nursery's, Farms,store, house, warehouse where no distance limits to receive alarms call and you can use your mobile phone to arm and disarm or activate the alarm remotely.And it's easy to install it by youself, don't need professional knowledge, just need to read the manual.

2).We also design the GSM alarm and PSTN combined systems that can increase the level of security and redundancy. This is because phone lines can easily be cut off during storms, construction work, accident or even deliberate tempering by intruders. The GSM dialer will check the status of the telecom line and in the even if any line cut, it will transmit the alarm using GSM/ GPRS to the users.

3).Beside the GSM security monitoring, we also using WAVECOM,SIMCOM 340 850/900/1800/1900 quad band modules to produce the GSM Intercom call point and GSM gate opener for door entry, access control to receive visitor intercom calls direct to your mobile phone. You also can use your mobile phone talk to visitor, open your door, gates, garages from everywhere in the world with call no cost

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