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Wireless PIR Motion Detector Knowledge
Editor£ºTech    Date£º2010-10-28
Regarding Wireless PIR Motion Detector
1).Three regular communication protocols,PT2262,EV1527,HCS301. 315MHz or 433MHz Optional. Different Oscillation Resistances.
2).Except a little different plastic house.Difference of BT-203 and BT-204:
a.BT-203 adopt 9V 6F22 batteries and BT-204 work at 3V AA battery. So BT-203 own stronger transmitting distance.
b.BT-203 own a ON/OFF button at it's side. BT-204 don't have. BT-204 have a test button on PCB,BT-203 don't have.
c.BT-204 detecting range could be adjustable.BT-203 can't.
3).Please install and use the detector according to the manual, don't touch the surface of sensor for avoiding affecting the sensitivity of the detector. Please shut off power and then clean the sensor by soft cloth with little alcohol if cleaning needed
4).In order to ensure it can work normally, the power should be kept to supply and get on walking test periodically, once a month is better.
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