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Wireless Home Alarm System Installation Skills
Editor£ºTech    Date£º2010-10-28
After you getting a DIY home wireless alarm system, you should know how to install it.The following will tell you how to install it correctly. In this way, you could reduce the mis-alarm and false alarm rate. In fact,wireless alarm systems are easier to install than wired alarm system. The most important is that you should read the manual of wireless home security systems first. Here are some tips which will let you have a better idea of installation:
1. Where to install? Select a good location for the alarm panels, sensors and indoor alarm siren. The best places are those that can easily be located by all family but that can not be seen by guests and outsiders. If gsm alarm host, you should install it nearby window where own good gsm signal. If PSTN alarm panel,you should connect it to landline.
2.Motion detectors and door sensors. After installation, you should test them. Pls try to move before PIR detectors or open and close the door to test door sensor. To check if the alarm host could receive alarm signal from detectors.
3. After installation,you could program your phone No into wireless alarm. And make it alarm, to check if you receive call or SMS.
4. Especially to make sure the sensors and alarm host work correctly, it's better to test every month.
If you have any problems about the wireless home security systems,you could contact the distributor or contact us. For your home security, pls test the system at a regular time.
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