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Problems For Alarm Systems
Editor£ºTech    Date£º2010-10-10
1.The GSM alarm host don't have signal:
a.Don't insert SIM card. Or don't fix it properly.
b.The GSM signal is bad. Try to install the GSM alarm system close to the window or other places where own strong gsm signal.
c.Don't connect the outside power. Sometimes the back-up battery don't own enough power for the GSM module to work. Pls connect the power adapter and AC power.
2.The alarm host cannot record or partially records
Possible Cause:
The record switch is not turned on. The record buttons not presses down and hold while attempting to record, or not held down all the way.

3.Short working distance of alarm host and wireless sensors
a.The wireless sensors batteries don't have enough power,pls change batteries.
b.There are many walls,especially metal walls,which will strongly block the signal.
4.PIR Detectors don't work:
a.Weak battery power, not switched on, or the PIR motion detector is in the off mode
Open the sensor shells to install the battery and slide the power switch to "On". Delay Jump:"5S": detect once every 5 seconds "5MIN": detect once every 5 minutes, please refers to the user's manual for PIR.
b.Detecting distance of PIR motion sensor gets shorter
The ambient temperature in the detecting area is too high.When the ambient temperature in the detecting area exceeds the human body temperature, the detecting distance will get shorter, it's normal.
c.Alarm host does not alarm after the new added wireless detector is triggered.
Failed to program sensors into alarm host.Follow the operation instruction to add the new wireless sensor(s)
d.PIR motion sensor led in yellow.
Battery is low or run out.Replace with new battery of the same voltage specification.
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