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Tips For GSM Alarm System
Editor£ºTech    Date£º2010-10-10
1. How Does GSM Alarm System Work?
A: GSM alarm system adopt industrial GSM modules.
When the system detect intrusion, fire, emergency...etc, the alarm system will send SMS and call users via GSM network.

2. How to use after I buying a GSM alarm System ?
A: After buying a GSM Alarm System, you just need to buy a SIM card.
B: Program your phone number into the alarm system

3. Does GSM Alarm System need contract ?
A: No. In fact, GSM Alarm System designed by idea of  monitoring by yourself (or security guard). That means it will not require the expensive additional monitoring service from other companies.No monthly charge.

4. How can I choose a right GSM Alarm System ?
A: All our alarm systems are designed for home,office,shop,etc. And different alarm system own different features. You could read,and select the one which is perfect for you.

5. How many sensors the alarm system can support ?
A: Most of our GSM alarm system can support unlimited sensors.

6. Is it easy to install GSM Alarm System ?
A: Most of GSM Alarm System using wireless technology, that means there are no wires connection & installation between sensors and alarm panel. It is very easy to install alarm system.

7. How to decreae the false alarm ?
A: Most of fales alarm come from sensors, not from alarm panel. You can effectively decrease the false alarm in following ways:
1). Choose good quality sensors
2). For PIR Sensor, If your familiy has pets, please choose using pet-friendly PIR sensor.
3). The installation for sensors, it is crucial to decrease the false alarm, please refer to the installation manual before install all sensors.
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