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Understanding of Wireless Remote Controller
Editor:Tech    Date:2010-10-10
To control the alarm host to "arm" and "disarm".
With the "emergency" key for urgent help.
Operating power: 27A 12V alkaline battery
Emitting distance: ≥100m (in open area)
Service life: ≤1 year
Installation and Usage:
For users to take along.

Generally, press the "Away Arm"(Full Arm) key to arm before leaving home; and press the "Disarm" key to disarm; "Home Arm"(Partial Arm) is setting Armed home, please take notes that "Home Arm"  is only effective for sensors in Perimeter Zone (door sensorcurtain PIR sensor) and sensors in Emergency Zone (Like Gas sensorSmoke sensorGlass sensorEmergency button), it is not effective all sensors in Motion zone(Like wide-angle PIR).
Please replace the batteries after one year usage or when the control distance become shorter.
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